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6months/ 1 Year

We are one of the leading Interior Design institutions in Kerala, offering 6 month / 1 year Interior Design courses that you can pursue regardless of your current field of study. Our Interior Design courses are developed with industry-standard curriculum, making it very easy for our students to seek out the best job possibilities as soon as they complete their course. Our students not only obtain a job, but also an excellent opportunity to develop their talents while generating a competitive pay. The program equips you for a variety of opportunities in the Design and Digital Media fields, including positions as a Residential Interior Designer, Interior Design Consultant, Commercial Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Office Space Planner, Retail Designer, and Exhibition Space Planner.

  •  The program imparts basic skills and awareness in both the general and professional aspects of Interior Design. 
  • This course provides intensive training for students to become professional interior designers.
  • It is based on a concern for human beings and the creation of Interior settings that support humankind and values. 
  • The focus of the program is to generate awareness of the functional and aesthetic qualities of the design. 
  •  The program emphasizes the fundamentals of design, residential and non-residential space planning as well as aesthetic and functional elements.